• Maritao's Kitchen was found by Tao and his wife Mary in May 2005. Tao has been an experimented chinese chief for 26 years, he had to manage a lot of diplomatic banquets for chinese Embassy in Germany as five-star hotel chief. Good at ahealthy diet, focusing on high level food’s taste, he can provides you with an authentic and traditional asian cuisine.Based on a professional chief team, Mary ensure you the best food quality and diversified flavors of consistents arround the three restaurants.She also manages restaurant’s services, and really cares about Clients’ reception in the most thoughtful way. Her purpose is the Client satisfaction first, and to satisfy them even when some chief’specialities are not available any more. The restaurant was baptized by the name of both managers Mary and Tao .

    Maritaos Kitchen At the beginning, the restaurant had just only four tables, and it could probably be in the Guinness’ book as the“smallest restaurant in the world”.
    After continuous efforts and intensive research, the development of the restaurant accelerated. Mr Tao and Mary has open the third restaurant, and could count on their loyal and faithful customers.The fourth chain stores also has set up in the preparation

    From the beginning until now, Maritao 's Kitchen has always respected four elementary principles :

    a Hygiene.  In addition to the dining environment and kitchen cleanness highest level,toilet are spotlessly clean.

    b. Extremely fresh food.  Ensure the freshness of the food everyday and on daily stock,

    c. Professional chiefs.  Ensure you a sophisticated and well-balanced asian cuisine

    d. Considerate service

    The restaurant with a local winery are cooperating to provide you all kinds of the best wines, with the best harmony betzeen food and wine.On friday and Saturday, there’s also a music band in the restaurant, so let you seduce by a delicious food and come to enjoy the sense of joy